Donene's Story

“Once Upon a Time,” there was a little girl who was fascinated by Rodeo Champions.

All she ever wanted to talk about was; “The Day She Would Get To Go Down The Road and Rodeo.”

She had a Dream, at 14 years old, to become a World Champion Tie Down Calf Roper in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. She had many up and downs. She stalled at times but she never stopped. But she never became a World Champion; not in her 20’s, 30’s or even her 40’s. Though she kept on going. Sometimes she made progress quickly and sometimes her progress was made slowly.

She never reached her goal until one day, when she was 52 years old. At 52 years old, she finally got what she wanted. She became a World Champion Tie Down Calf Roper. She continues to live “Happily Ever After” with her family in Wyoming.

That is My Story. We all have A Story. We all have Dreams. We all experience up and downs. We of course, will not all have the same dreams and same ups and downs but we will all have them. I have found we are much more alike than we are different.

Developing Mental Toughness will give us the opportunity to Run Down Our Dreams and Ride Out the Highs and Lows we experience in Our Life.

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The Heart of a Champion